Cover des Programmhefts der Münchner Webwoche

Münchner Webwoche: das Programm jetzt auch als PDF

Die Münchner Webwoche bietet bereits über 75 spannende und abwechslungsreiche Veranstaltungen von fast 50 verschiedenen Unternehmen rund um die digitale Zukunft Münchens. Und regelmäßig kommen noch weitere Events hinzu. Damit niemand den Überblick verliert, haben wir alle Veranstaltungen, die bis zum Ende letzter Woche schon registriert waren, in einem Programmheft aufgelistet. Viel Spaß beim Stöbern und Entdecken! Da ist sicher für jeden was dabei.

Natürlich haben wir aber immer noch unseren Eventkalender, der ständig weiter aktualisiert wird. Wer aber nicht dauernd online ist, ist mit dem Programmheft auf jeden Fall auf der sicheren Seite – und darf es natürlich auch nach Herzenslust teilen!

Download: Programmheft der Münchner Webwoche

Munich Web Week

Embracing Digital Transformation #mww16

Munich Web Week will take place for the fifth time in 2016 (NOV 3-11) in Munich, Germany. Its major objectives consist in connecting all the digital protagonists in the city region and providing a stage for their digital ventures. We want to show Munich and the world how we are contributing to an exciting digital future!

Where we come from

Munich Web Week was founded in 2012 by Prof. Wolf Groß of Isar Network (Isarnetz). Isarnetz is made up of a group individuals who are passionate about digital issues and Munich. We are an open network of digital and creative experts. Our goal is to be inclusive of: executives, entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, startups, corporates, technologists, designers, bloggers, engineers, inventors, users, developers and academics who are shaping media, IT and telecommunications for the future. We promote Munich based technologies, digital and creative solutions. Munich Web Week aligns with global entities influencing various digital aspects via products and services worldwide.

Going global

Traditionally, Munich Web Week has been supported primarily by organizations such as Telefónica, and predominately Munich and Bavarian based organizations. These organizations have supported the brand because of their desire to strengthen the digital economy in the Metropolitan Area of Munich. This year we are expanding our program to be more inclusive of international organizations and startups enabling various aspects of digital transformation.

This is your stage

Events are held throughout the week in Munich and organized by sponsors, partners and organizations with resources, products and services shaping the future of our digitally, connected society. In the past, over 100 events have taken place throughout Munich Web Week. Munich Web Week provides a platform for organizations to list events throughout the week which build digital competence of the local community, enable networking and further develop the reputation of Munich as one of the most robust digital and creative hubs of Europe. Throughout the week, organizations, startups, agencies, accelerators and institutions can list their events via our website and engage the community.

How to participate

  • Become network partner, and offer your event, lecture, workshop, via our online platform as part of Munich Web Week! Enter it yourself here.
  • Become a sponsor! Without the support of other organizations this event wouldn’t be possible! Download our presentation here. You can also contact Andy Keck to investigate our sponsorship package opportunities.


Event questions? Send an email here:

Let’s cooperate to make this a wonderful Munich Web Week 2016!